Property ownership is just as personally rewarding as it is a big responsibility. Balancing finances, upkeep, and general stability of a home or business is a constant and delicate series of events in perpetual motion. Simply put, it never stops. While most property owners are aware of immediate potential risks like water and fire damage, sometimes there are threats unseen that can catch you off guard even if you’re well prepared.

We’re almost constantly surrounded by some mold spores. While these spores are harmless, there’s a potential for them to evolve into a mold infestation. Often occurring inside walls as the result of an unseen leak. Weeks or even months can go by before mold spreads to a place where you can see it. Discoloration may be insignificant at first, but soon enough there’s very visible mold growth on the wall. You now definitely have a problem and one that calls for mold remediation.

United Water Restoration Group of Pinellas County is standing by at the ready to respond to your mold remediation needs. This is in addition to our other available services in the area of Dunedin, Florida. When you’re dealing with mold, you can’t afford to leave things to chance.


Looking For Mold Remediation In Dunedin, Florida?

At a glance, you may think mold remediation is a simple enough task to handle on your own. Grab some cleaning supplies and scrub the mold away until you can no longer see it. The job is done, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the answer and it could lead to bigger problems. The way mold infestations spread is incredibly invasive. Often for all the mold, you can see, there is even more mold that you can’t see. 

What you tackle on the surface is all well and good. However, what remains beneath in the material of your property can keep spreading and get further out of hand. A job that could cost an average of only a few thousand dollars could suddenly cost you over ten thousand dollars. You could be on the hook for it if your insurance company has reason to believe you allowed the mold infestation to flourish beyond the point where it was first spotted. For mold remediation in Dunedin, Florida you need experts in your corner.


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When you find yourself in need of mold remediation in Dunedin, Florida then look no further than our experts at United Water Restoration Group of Pinellas County. Our team of technicians are expertly trained and equipped with the right tools to handle the job for anything from mold remediation to water damage restoration in your area. 

You can contact our service line at (727) 292-1044. This service line will place you in direct contact with one of our trained technicians. During this call, our technician will try to gain a better understanding of your situation. They will schedule an appointment that is flexible to fit your schedule’s needs. Our experts can assist you through every step of mold remediation in Dunedin, Florida, and help return your property back to a state of normalcy!