Crawl Space Mold Remediation in Pinellas County, Florida

If you have a crawl space, it’s easy for you to forget all about it. After all, unless you need some work done beneath your property, it’s incredibly rare to have any reason to enter your crawl space at all.    Unfortunately, places that are out of sight and out of mind tend to be […]

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Attic Mold Remediation in Pinellas County, Florida

Most people use their attics for extra storage space, while some never bother to use them at all. It really depends on the ease of access, as while many attics have a staircase or ladder that can be used, there are many older properties that only offer a small hatch to climb up through, usually […]

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4 Signs of Water Damage

The United Water Restoration Group of Pinellas County, Florida can help you recover from water damage in Pinellas County, Florida. You can reach us for help by calling (727) 292-1044. However, you need to notice damage from a flood or pipe burst before you can get help. Get familiar with four major signs of water […]

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