Does Black Mold Grow on Carpet?

For a homeowner, one of the biggest nightmares you may ever face is the potential of a mold outbreak. Usually coming in the wake of a water damage scenario, mold can appear in the obvious places but it can also occur where you least expect it. 


You may not yet realize it, but even your carpet could become a hotbed for mold growth. Black mold on carpet is not only a very real possibility, it may be a harder one to tackle at face value. 


Today United Water Restoration Group of Pinellas County would like to take this time to talk a little bit about the conditions that allow black mold on carpet to thrive and what you can do as a homeowner to confront it.

A Moldy Situation

Mold is such a headache for homeowners because it can occur anywhere where there is an abundance of moisture over prolonged periods, and that includes black mold on carpet. If your home has recently suffered a water damage event, you may think you were able to remove all the moisture from the environment and keep damages relatively contained. 


Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is often that unless you have professional-grade cleaning equipment, the carpet padding beneath the carpet is likely still soaked and will basically become a petri dish for mold growth. 


Unchecked, you will have black mold on carpet before you know it. While there are times you can get away with a typical dry job done on your own, there’s many times the carpet will have to be pulled up so that the under padding can be replaced. 


Whether you replace all your carpet, or only the padding, something has to be done or you will be dealing with black mold on carpet.

Call Now

When dealing with mold, including black mold on carpet, you’ll want a professional touch in your corner. 

With our expertly trained and equipped team, United Water Restoration Group of Pinellas County can tackle mold damage remediation in your home when you need it most. Our service line at (727) 292-1044 is open 24/7 and can place you in direct contact with one of our professional technicians.

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