The Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

When was the last time you took a good, long look at your hardwood floors? It may seem like a strange thing to consider. However, being vigilantly protective of the property is a great preventative measure. 


It can also prove to be a helpful way to stop current problems from getting out of hand. When it comes to detecting signs of hardwood floor damage, you may be thinking it’s only an issue in the case of a flood. 


Unfortunately, signs of water damage can occur even from other sources. Today United Water Restoration Group of Pinellas County would like to take a little of your time to better inform you of signs of hardwood floor water damage. This way you’ll have the knowledge to stay better prepared.


Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

  • Moisture Stains

When looking for signs of water damage to hardwood floors, the first thing you’ll want to look for is any obvious dampness or discoloration on the surface areas. Hardwood floors more often than not have a very uniform appearance when they’re installed. 


So, changes should be easier to spot when you’re actively looking for them. These discolorations, moisture stains, usually cause the wood to be darker however in rare cases it can actually fade the wood and make it appear lighter. 

  • Warping/Detachment

Another sign of hardwood floor water damage, and a much more concerning one, comes in the form of hardwood floor warping. When hardwood floor water damage isn’t properly treated, over time it can cause the woodwork to begin warping.


In some cases, it may even become detached from the subflooring. This causes uneven flooring which in addition to being unsightly, can be a safety risk when walking.

  • Wood Rot

While unlikely to go undetected long enough to get to this stage, wood rot is a very real sign of hardwood floor water damage 


At this point the wood has passed typical warping and detachment and is now actively breaking down, compromising structural integrity and becoming a very real safety risk.


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